SAP Concur offers a legacy reimbursement only platform. Built 20+ years ago, SAP Concur used to be the gold standard but has failed to enhance their prodcut for nearly two decades. With SAP Concur your business is forced to get a seperate corporate credit card & manually enter charges intro your accounting system.

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How Torpago compares to SAP Concur

Torpago SAP Concur
Transaction approvals
Mobile apps
Receipt Intelligence
Virtual & Physical cards
Transparent, cash back
Real time Accounting & HRIS integrations
Slack integration
Configurable spending polices
Everything for free

“Torpago has been a terrific partner for us as we have and continue to scale the business. The software is ‘scale-proof’ and has proven to be able to adapt to our growing needs. Torpago will be alongside us at each milestone.”

Financial Controller at Deako Lighting

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