Did Brex kick your business to the curb?

Torpago exists to serve small businesses like you. Apply for the Torpago card and #UpgradefromBrex

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Zero Cost

No fee on our spend management software for all businesses.


Get 1.5% cash back
on each purchase.1

For Start-ups

No venture backing

All your finance tools
simplified into one.

Seamless ERP integrations

Eliminate human error and all manual input of data.

Virtual & Physical cards

Our corporate cards have the built-in spend management you need so you can save hours by eliminating expense reports.

Role Applied To Role Name Category Time Period Amount Auto Enforce
Individual User Rule 1 Airlines/Gas 02/16/2022 - 02/26/2022 $1500 Flag

Granular Spend Controls

Prevent employees from spending out of policy by restricting cards to spend limits and number of transactions daily. Control spending on cards by restricting merchant categories and limiting the times of day the cards can be used.

1Approved customers receive unlimited 1.5% cash back. Statement must be paid in full.

How Torpago compares to Brex

Torpago Brex
Plastic & virtual cards
Unlimited, 1% cash back
Slack integration
Email intelligence
Mobile Apps
Underwriting that fits your business
Automatic accounting sync, no manual intervention
Highly configurable integrations built ourselves
Torpago Identity Protector
Support for small busineses

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